‘Broken Glass’ An Award Winning Drama Not To Be Missed!

Arthur Miller’s Broken Glass is an award winning drama, telling the story of a New York couple  Phillip and Sylvia Gellburg, who live in 1938 Brooklyn.

Obsessed with his work, Philip is desperate to fit into New York society with very  little time for his wife Sylvia.

11 weeks only for Broken Glass
11 weeks only for Broken Glass

Silvia, however becomes physically paralysed after reading reports about the atrocities of Kristallnacht in Germany.

Phillip who is unable to help his wife’s psychological trauma, calls for the services of Dr. Harry Hyman with devastating  consequences.

As the Doctor gets under the skin of Sylvia’s mental illness and gets closer to the source of Sylvia’s troubles, an intimate relationship develops between the patient and Dr. Harry Hyman. It is then that the main themes of the play,  guilt and personal tragedy prevail, and consequentially a love for each other grows.

Broken Glass is playing at the Vaudeville Theatre in London for just 11 weeks and stars Brassed Off star Tara Fitzgerald and Antony Sher who played the unnerving part of Glickman in the hit BBC hit series Shadow Line.

BritEvents.com have Broken Glass tickets available from tomorrow all the way through until the 10th December.

The Mail on Sunday called it “Unmissable… Flawless…Brilliant, so grab your tickets and make sure that you don’t miss this “near flawless” moving production that lasts for just 33 performances.

Catch a glimpse of the emotional and occasionally amusing play here:-

Broken Glass

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