Members Of The Audience Died……….

Members of the audience died of laughter at the live performance of Good Mourning Mrs Brown.

Good Mourning Mrs Brown is the live show that everyone is talking about. This stage spin off, of  the  hit BBC  show ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’  has had some critics and audiences up in arms, with the foul and blasphemous Irish humour, this show really does rely upon.

Following phenomenal success, the BBC have acknowledged this television series, which made its début only this year, by commissioning a second series. A great move by the the BBC Television Company, with a round of applause by fans of the show.

With Dublin’s finest humour, Brendon O’connell plays the part of, the  loved but appalled Mammie, Mrs Brown. This is the second of a five part trilogy(!!)  that has been written and stars by Brendon O’Connell.

This is no great task for O’Connell, as in the  late 90’s the Irish Radio broadcaster RTE commissioned him to write a series of programmes around the character Mrs Brown, with huge success.

This stage show is going to be good, very good, and extremely funny. Be prepared, and take some Kleenex with you, you’ll definitely need them.

The tour kicks off at Newcastle Metro Radio Arena on the 1st June 2011, and unfortunately the Sunday performance on the 5th of June 2011 is already sold out.

So, don’t be disappointed, check out more available tickets for ‘Good Mourning Mrs Brown’ at

Good Mourning Mrs Brown
Good Mourning Mrs Brown

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